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84Engineering 2x48" Shop Mate Grinder

84Engineering 2x48" Shop Mate Grinder

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Shop Mate 2 x 48" Belt Grinder

(Price is for Pickup from Somersby NSW 2250 Or Brookvale NSW 2100.)

The Shop Mate 48” is the most compact grinder in the 84 Engineering line-up, but don’t let it’s size fool you!

Using a shorter belt of 2x48" (50 x 1220 mm) and a smaller, lighter footprint than a full-sized 2x72" grinder, there is nothing stopping this from being the only grinder you need.

Belts in 2x72" are better bang for buck than the 2x48" simply by being longer, but shorter belts are usually cheaper so it will be cheaper to get a nice selection of belts going.

Equipped with an industrial 1.1kw 3 phase motor (1.5 hp), variable speed controller, capability to run from 1/4" up to a 10” contact wheel as well as being fully compatible with our entire range of accessories – the Shop Mate offers the versatility of the larger 72” grinders on the market - without the footprint. The grinder runs on a standard Australian 240V 10A circuit.

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The Shop Mate grinder will plug into any standard 240v power socket. The included Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) converts power to a 3-phase signal, driving the 1.1kw motor. This setup allows you to dial in the belt speed anywhere from 0 – 4800 fpm and provides maximum motor torque even at low RPM. The VFD will automatically ramp up power when under load to maintain belt speed.


The Shop Mate is equipped with a multi-function rotating platen – giving you the option of a 150mm platen, 2” contact wheel, 3” contact wheel and slack belt out of the box. Changing between these configurations is as simple as loosening the locking handle and spinning the platen – you don’t even have to remove the belt!


All wheels on the Shop Mate grinder are precision CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminium and coated in our newly formulated abrasion-resistant Urethane rubber. Not only does this provide excellent drive wheel traction (the belt will never slip, regardless of how much pressure you apply), but makes for quieter operation and a superior grinding experience. The rubberised wheels even out belt discrepancies meaning you will not experience any ‘jitter’ or ‘bounce’ through the contact wheels – even when using coarse-grit belts.


The Shop Mate’s flat-plane tracking mechanism offers increased tracking stability and ease of adjustment over many other options available on the market. The tracking is set-and-forget - just dial in tracking with the twist of a knob and it will remain true even under heavy belt load. The flat-plane tracking also allows for minimal crown/curvature of the tracking wheel meaning your j-flex and other lighter belts won't deform over time.


In the box is a fully powder-coated and assembled grinder, a fixed work rest, a tooling arm and a rotating platen – everything you need to complete most workshop fabrication tasks, wood / metal-working projects and knife shaping, sharpening and stock removal work. If you need your grinder for specific applications or simply require more versatility, a large range of compatible attachments, work rests and contact wheels are available. The grinder comes as one 36 kg box measuring about 57 x 40 x 40 cm.

Shop Mate 2x48" Grinder Instruction Manual PDF Download: LINK

Optional: The grinder can be screwed or clamped to a workbench, or optionally add a stand - enabling the grinder to also tilt sideways for horizontal grinding.


Packing size: One big box of 35 kg, 57 x 40 x 50 cm.


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