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Damascus Steel Necklace Pendants Handmade Gift

Damascus Steel Necklace Pendants Handmade Gift

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Hand forged steel necklaces, handmade in Australia.

These handmade Damascus Steel Pendants include an adjustable leather necklace cord.
Please see the first picture to see the exact dimensions & weight of each design.

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    Damascus steel is a type of steel characterized by its unique wavy pattern and exceptional hardness and durability. It was originally produced in the Middle East and India in ancient times and was highly prized for its ability to hold a sharp edge and resist damage. Damascus steel is created by folding and forging layers of different types of steel together, which creates the distinctive pattern and increases the metal's strength. Damascus steel is still used today for knives, swords, and other high-performance blades. These pendants are forged from 88 layer Raindrop Damascus pattern and 283 layer basket weave Damascus pattern. Wedding anniversary 11 year gift is steel, so one of these pendants would make a special & meaningful gift.


    Design 1 (62x22mm) (33g) Design 5 (42x19mm) (18g) Design 6 (42x17mm) (9g)


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