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Robin Tree Spike 'Free Shipping Aus Wide'

Robin Tree Spike 'Free Shipping Aus Wide'

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Bring a touch of feathered friends & whimsical charm to your garden with our enchanting Metal Robin Tree Spike!

Save 15% when you buy any 2 of our Metal Charms.

Crafted from steel, this delightful robin will perch proudly in your tree, adding a touch of personality and whimsy to your outdoor space.

Imagine the delight of catching a glimpse of this cheerful bird amidst the leaves, its rusty patina blending seamlessly with nature's hues. Its delicate silhouette and intricate feather detailing capture the essence of this beloved songbird, adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

*Spike it effortlessly into any tree, branch, or even fence post.
*Enjoy its charming presence year-round, come rain or shine.
*The rustic, weathered finish adds a touch of timeless beauty to your landscape.
*A wonderful gift for bird lovers and garden enthusiasts alike.

The Metal Robin Tree Spike is made from 2mm Steel, and arrives clean.
It will weather with a bit of time outdoors, and develop a beautiful & organic rusty colour.

23cm x 18cm

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